Blender 3D plug-in not installing. Alley Fighter real bad

(Rictus Grin) #1

This may be two differnt problems, I’m not sure. First thing is that the 3D plug-in won’t load from the blender3d site. I just get empty pictures in Explorer. I tried changeing security settings but it didn’t help. Then I downloaded three stand alone games, Alley Fighter, Froggy and Maharaja. Alley Fighter and Maharaja look realy bad, and run about one frame a second. They are made up of dots on my screen. On the other hand Froggy works good. I’m kinda new to blender but the publisher seems to work fine. I have sreen shot of alley fighter here:

Actually the screen shot looks better than it did on my computer. I have windows XP, 256 RAM, GeForce 4 TI 4200 video card.