Blender 3d school course...

I have just graduated from high school in the lower mainland near Vancouver, BC;

My recent years at school though where filled with blender. I had overheard that the school would be starting a 3d program, so I talked to the tech department and found out that they would be using wings 3d, and anim8or.

I showed them blender,, and the HUGE community i.e. blender artists forum and etc. Plus explained the whole open source thing to them to.

They where impressed and decided to stray from the curriculum, and go with blender.
Although unaware when persuading them, I was now responsible for the program.

I spent countless hours making tutorials for them, teaching the teachers the software, and setting up the animating course next year which will also be using blender.

There will also be a game course the following year which will be using blenders game engine, and some of my demos + others.

If anyone wants there tutorials, assets, or games to be used in educating. Let me know and I will include them in some lesson plans.

I have been looking for blender material for a classroom setting!
I was wondering, how would I go about asking my community college to offer a blender 3d course?
They say that I would need to be able to show a market in this area…

Hooray for more conversions! (Anim8or sucks ass and is uni-platform anyway)

hey there enger… nice to see students that want exposure to a new course and chase it down! i teach high school in delta bc, and use blender for animation. i started the course after discovering this great program a few years ago. i would like to check out your material and also contact your tech teacher in the fall to offer some advice etc perhaps. shoot me a pm here and we can work out the details.

hahaha my school offers blender lessons…(if you cant afford the other software)
there are some good tuts out there. Look on youtube and try to reproduce a few of these(meaning make them a little better) Buy the book the Essential Blender and get a few ideas from there. Remember just ask anyone here if you need help on something

I’ll send you a P. message about that.

This year was just modeling, I am the only one in the school that knows how to use blender but that changing now that the course is up.

This year was just modeling, next year is animating, I made some tutorials for making a walk cycle, then make it walk along a path using nla and stride.

I had taken one look at, it is horrible, I did not like it at all. I tried to use it, and some of the things that just make sense to have in blender, are not in anim8or.

I am just looking for more stuff to leave them with, since i will not be there, and need to work on a small business.

minifig: I have no idea, I am not sure of a collage that offers a course in blender either; I am going to Vancouver film school in May for 3d animation / FX/ and modeling, I am going to have to learn Maya and other apps, to bad though.

Anim8or is also made by one guy in his free time ;). Besides, it’s great as a learning tool

I used sketchup as my learning tool. And I hope the Bmesh branch succeeds, then I could do that sort of stuff in blender too. And not have to pay 500 dollars.

Hi Enger

I’m just finishing up getting licensed to teach what we call “technology” around here
I’m thinking blender would fit right in, I’d love to see what you have put together
How can I get a look at what you’ve got?


enger, good job on spreading the word on blender. I think you did them a service, considering all the advances 2.5 will have and working on all platforms. When you move to the animation portion, will you use 2.5’s animato or are you using 2.49?

To your disappointment, I advised them to not get into 2.5 when it comes out until there is a lot more documentation. The tuts are written for 2.46 i think, and I updated them to 2.49a.

I have an ftp server using Filezilla, I can create a limited, (since its hosting my site) guest account, but you can only see the 2 i have with me at this time, you would have to check back when i can grab them off of the schools network.

I’d like to check them out
let me know when you get it setup


check out my section in the tutorial thread.
I made many movies over the past semester.
Maybe some might be useful to you to look over.

Copy, paste, change, as you want.

As always if you use my work just give my credit for it.


They use “Anim8o” hui, well Blender will serve much better anyway.

Enger - I actually want to start a community project on teaching blender, and I would love if I could get some of your information and feedback on things such as lesson plans and the sort. I started a thread for class structure, but I’d love to work with you on this.

Wise choice teaching 2.49a first. Teaching software for the first time is one thing, teaching it while it is fresh out of testing (or still in testing as the case may be) is something else entirely.

There is a high school I know of here that has Blender on all the machines. Thought about trying to sort some teaching thing out but haven’t made the time for it. Work full time now anyway. :slight_smile:

If you keep in touch with those teaching the course, be sure to let us know how it goes!