Blender 3d (UPDATE page 2)

after about an hour of render time its finaly finished and is ready to be displayed to the public

C and C welcome


some updates by my friend felix

hah i like the idea. developers?
nice pic, maybe frame it a bit more evenly (a bit tighter at the top) and get some directional lighting in there to give it some contrast.

Very clever idea, though I don’t think the text on some buttons is that bold.

what you mean by “developers?” it was all made by me lol

i may rerender it to place it in the midlle more or something, but otherwise nothing else would be changed such as lighting… i think it looks nice that way… may work on some materials thou

no i meant as in ‘developers, how about it?’ as in asking the developers to make this into the next version of blender… ah nevermind.
yeah i think the framing is my only real crit, otherwise it looks great. maybe if the perspective was a little closer to the ground, you could see the buttons better, or just render it bigger. whatever.

hhmm… ill re render it overnight

but if u wona see the other images and progras on this in the WIP section of the forum “Blender in 3d”

I seriously hope you used a screenshot and vectorized that and used the vectors for the model.

yes a screen shot was used lol
i dont even have the same blender set up going as that of the one that was modeled

everything is almost to scale, somethings couldnt be dome perfect but i got em as close as i coukd

I want to reach in and touch this image more than any other work I’ve seen on this forum. Beautiful.

yeah i love it looks sweet its the worlds thinest screen with blender!! lol. i love the i pod. like rocketman^^^ said up above reach in and touch it. so would i casue i want that ipod. TWO THUMBS UP.

I love the concept. Only crit would be the button labels. The grainy effect is not doing anything for this; is it AO? What if you rendered at a higher resolution and then resized in GIMP using BiCubic sampling?

Anyway, very nice indeed.

Great work. :slight_smile:

On a side note you could instead of having the music device ontop of the Blender screen, you have it inside the modelling vue.

yes its AO

the image will be re rendered to fix some of those kurks that you guys pointed out, plus i noticed a button missing, if you look lcosely to where the directory listings are on the right of the UI there are 3 blank spots

I like it, as I said in your WIP thread. But I thought you would possibly take it a bit further and at least add some colours to it for a non-standard Blender theme.

Again, it turned out great, but some more colour would have been a nice touch imo.


Ah, you should/could have worked more on this. It really deserves that, IMO.


hhmm…ok then, what collors u guys want me to add for the interface

Well even though it is your project… I think that in the next blender the background its black and the grid green. that way when in object mode you can see your object without having to add a material to it.

you can see it anyways
and plus the black backround is the second theme that comes bundled with blender and will never be the defoult for one reason
it couses to much dmg to your eye
anything on a dark backround isnt recomanded for your eyes, specialy if the contrast collor is bright

Yeah, IMO to. You could have used a better font for the text for example.

That would have been cool if there had been the Z axis sticking out straight to the sky.

Be well