Blender Addon |Hair Clump

HairClump is a Blender add-on that parametrically controls the randomness of hair shapes. Multiple controls based on clumps—length control, kink control, and other various controls—makes it easier for users to style a complex hair shape through the simple guides. Besides, this add-on offers a function to export particles and instances in alembic format with one-click, which greatly improves work efficiency. Try it right now.

On sale for a limit amount. May return to its original pricing after 100 sold.
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Installation Environment:
HairClump_v1.3 supports Blender 2.81a, Blender 2.82a, and Blender 2.83 in Windows system.
HairClump_v1.4 supports Blender 2.83 in Windows system and linux system, but doesn’t support other versions of Blender.

Function Instruction:
1 Virtual Parents allows users to customize the number of clumps and vary random seed.
2 Adding the length random of clumps.
3 Adding the curve random of clumps.
4 Adding the shape random of clumps.
5 Adding the noise random of clumps.
6 Kink Random contains four modes: curl random, radial random, wave random, and braid random.
7 In these four modes, adding kink random, amplitude random, clump random, flatness random, frequency random, and shape random.
8 Adding a function to export hair clumps in alembic format.

:tada:Collection of hair plugins
This is a collection of great Blender hair add-ons: three very useful ones with various functions.
Hair_ShapeKey allows users to control the hair shape by keyframes; HairClump enables users to parametrically adjust the randomness of the hair shape; Hair_Extension_ToolKit is a collection of practical hair functions. Three add-ons with more than ten hair functions help you groom your hairstyle more easily and conveniently. So, that will be handy in your grooming creation.

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