Blender addon - PomoFocus Now available for free..!

Detailed steps to make the addon effective:

Addon is now available on Gumroad for free get it here.

This addon works on Pomodoro Technique


Blender Market – link will be added after review.

put some suggestions on the Github page to improve the addon or if you face some errors.


This addon is 100% free and you can support by buying the addon at the price you like.


Does it also features any stats, at least history - time table in parts and/or/vs total sum of time spent in Blender,
a) per session
b) per project/file/scene…?

If not, do you have any plan to expand it (roadmap)?

I have that feature in plan but don’t have exact time when can i release. I will add that for sure.

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Added custom path for sound files for full version(not available for 2.93 users SE edition)

Added reset button after starting the timer which is not recommended for added an option to disable reset button.

Added 2 more features and some bug fixes PomoFocus V2 is now available to download

Working on making the completed Pomodoro list to csv so you can view the time spend for the particular task and how many Pomodoro’s used etc.

will be releasing by the next week end.

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Almost completed Version will be releasing soon…!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: