Blender among the archeologists

And then come those moments when you are quietly looking at a documentary, but your eyes catch a screen and immediately recognize that gray of a very familiar 3D application and then go back to the video to see better and recognize that it is he, your own Blender among the archeologists…
the exact moment of the documentary scene when blender appears
Lost World Of Pompeii (Ancient Rome Documentary) | Timeline


I am glad you shared this. It makes me feel better knowing they are using blender for things like documentaries.

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They’re using it to build things with point-cloud data and scans. So not just for the documentary (obviously it’s intended for visualization), but their process of working with data in actual field research. It’s used in the process of virtualizing artifacts into archival 3D models.

I’ve also heard it’s seen similar use in the medical field. Although not intended as science or engineering software, it still has enough precision in modeling to produce decent 3D prints. No proprietary lock-down or licensing overhead (a feature of open source), so it gets add-ons or modification and is used to do things like making artificial limbs or dental reconstruction.

in the documentary there are many special effects scenes … probably made with blender … and going ahead blender is displayed many times … I suspect that these archaeologists or some of them are also fans of blender :wink: