Blender and After Effcts, and More.

Ok, here is my first tutorial ever! :smiley:

Ok ok, I know that I am covering something really basic. But this is my first tutorial and I did not want to get into something really hard.

Feel free to leave comments on what you think my tutorials should be about, and critics about my tutorial style.

Please, if I don’t get comments I can’t get better :wink: lol hope you enjoy!
More advanced stuff to be coming soon.

Ok here it is. This is a tutorial on how to make the Blender logo.

Like I said in the tutorial, I hope to make tutorials about Blender and After Affects, what do you guys think about that? And I am not talking just CC tuts I am talking about composting with blender and video.

Ok, and here is my website.

I have my e-mail at the end of the tutorial.