Blender and beyond?

Howdy Y’all.

About 2 years ago i decided to take on a project and that project started from blender, and i think its a bloody amazing engine, sadly thats now unrelated to the topic i’m about to bring forward(if it helps others, awesome.) that was to build a engine; yes crazy as it seems (someone who had no interest in majoring in computer science, or working in the industry, but i felt; and still do feel compelled to learn,regardless of the topic.)but now i’ve realised building a shader engine is very much possible, that is through dedication(and a interest in MCS.) and a TON of comments, i mean alot for everything but may seem crazy to persue especially in 2016+ u when theres a ton of options out there that is if your intentions to learn or major in CS.

Okay back on track, while my intentions towards using blender was to learn glsl(shader language.) but in a different way, i wanted to build a space station in blender and port the code why? well to illustrates alot of things you would need in those situations like: lighting, sky box, no terrain, logical doors, interface, read and write save system (given procedural generations complex so i left the terrain alone.) just the simple. Eventually the project became impossible within the modeled asset. i had No interface to work with just the code editor and the glfw window, and building a gui would seem crazy?(for what. its not jacascrpt related interface while doable in webgl.) so i thought about 3rd party gui systems, crazy eddies gui, gwen, adding it as a secondary render layer but on top of the opengl layer with glfw; i kept thinking why the hell did i start this project?.. oh to learn glsl, buffer, vertex shader, all in C language and reverting between c and c++ back and forth, but things were resulting in me abandoning my project because my idea and learning were conflicting to what i wanted to do so i had to sacrifice one given it was only a project.

The hardest thing about the project was not having a sandbox editor like in blender via visual studio, only to calculate vertex array positions and rgb(a) float matrix update. :spin: I’ll probably come back to the project one day, but theres to much work for one person.

1 it was to learn glsl pipeline and so i did, was it worth it… yes and no!!! (i say no because the project isn’t scalable and another reason why githubs a graveyard towards newer people wanting to learn (but it is easier to read github partially now.) or update their vanacular tongue towards learning, and yes towards seeing how engines work.)

2 Should i have learnt in iirrlicht, ogre3d, voxelfarm, scene egraph, horde 3d, unity ue, torque 3d, after realising they have glsl pipeline already up and running given they well and all have the majority of them support a world editor, terrain generation, sound (partially.)networking, physics, gui system (partially.) a community to support the engine, 2d and 3d seperation for gui design intergration.

No matter i learn’t what i needed now the questions where from here?