Blender and CNC machines

i am a very lucky boy. On Saturday Morning I am visiting a factory that manufactures 3D etchings in glass and apparently they have a type of machine from (I think) Germany that uses 3D modelling in a computer program and then creates that same model in the glass using lasers.

I have been told that I can have a go on the machine and make a 3D etching! I am jumping with joy at the idea, but what I happened to have in mind was to get one fo my existing Blender projects etched into glass.

The lady I spoke to on the phone said that she had no idea what type of software the machine used and could not answer my questions.

So my question to the group is:

Can Blender models be used with CNC type machines ( I know that to assume makes an ASS out of U and ME, but I am assuming that the machine in question is either CNC or of that family)?

Which software (EG LightWave, 3D Studio max etc) does CNC family machines use?

Does anybody know of Blender being used for this type of application? Which file types (EG suffixes) are most likely to be involved and is there a location on the internet where i can get the import and export script for this file type?



What can I say, you really know your stuff!

Thank you for helping me out. The terragen stuff looks interesting as i have downloaded the terragen importer now.

Thanks loads this is going to make my trip to the factory really wonderful.