Blender and Crystal Space

So, I can get both blender and crystal space up and running on my mac (even CEL), but I can’t seem to get the blender2crystal plugin to work on the latest release of blender (2.49b). Looks like a python error. Has anyone updated this script to work with the latest version of blender or know of any other projects for getting BGE info into the crystal space engine?

Or maybe someone will post saying they have no issues getting this to work on their mac, in which case we can start comparing configurations.


maybe I’m not being clear enough…

Let me just start by asking, does anyone have blender 2.49b up and running with the blender2crystal plug-in working and doing their final game dev in crystal space? If so, can you please let me know the following:

Version of Python:
Any extra libraries you had to install:

Bonus, if anyone has it installed on mac, as in 2.49b the blender2crystal plug-in gives a python error when loading it. I have gotten it to work through VM Ware on my mac using an XP image and going from blender 2.44 to crystal space. However, this is not an ideal work flow for me, my ideal work pipeline is to prototype everything in the BGE, then build it out in crystal space. If anyone has had success, please post the horror story that is the description of how you accomplished this :slight_smile:


Nowhere in the blender2crystal wiki does it say that the script works for mac, only windows and linux. I take this as meaning it won’t work for you on a mac.


Well, like I said, I get the exact same python error on mac as I do in my VM ware (and on Windows, an actual honest to god install of windows). So, I’d like to at least know if someone has gotten this plug-in working with the latest version of blender, then I know where to start troubleshooting. I have only gotten it working with blender 2.44 on windows.

It may be worth a check in the documentation whether it needs a specific version of python.


Nowhere on the plugin page does it give a system requirements of Windows/Linux. Only install instructions for the two.

It does say this: b2cs svn - Blender 2.44.

However, the question still stands, has anyone been able to get this up and running properly on 2.49? I would think that with Yo! Frankie, there would at least have been some sort of documentation for perhaps 2.48.

I had it working on 2.48a but once I installed 2.49 it broke. I’m pretty sure the plugin was written in python 2.5 and therefore requires 2.5 to run. Sadly, it hasn’t been updated. But really you could develop for cs in 2.48 with no problems. Correct me if I am wrong, but the most substantial updates for 2.49 was BGE related anyways so you really aren’t losing anything by developing in 2.48