Blender and Director

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if there was any way of getting Blender objects into Director (also with the textures), I have tried again and again but I just can’t find any way of doing it…

I have tried exporting as an obj and importing into 3ds max, however it doesn’t transfer the texture paths. I have also tried the Softimage XSI converter, but that doesn’t work for even reasonably large objects, I have only ever been successful converting a cube. From my knowledge there is no other working w3d exporter either…

My only option at the moment is to use 3ds max, do you know of any file format that imports successfully into it and retains the texture paths?

I am helping to develop RaceRacer 3D which we are hoping in the future will be the best and most popular shockwave racing game on the web (you may remember the classic flash game which had over a million members!). Collaborating is an utter nightmare with Blender, it’s just not compatible with any other program! If there was just a way to get Blender objects into Director, then that would be fantastic for not just me but everyone on RaceRacer!

Sorry for all the questions recently btw, I still have a lot to learn with Blender tbh! Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks again,
From Daniel

for export as obj, as far as i know texture saved as separate .MTL file, for better export as obj with texture you can try ideasman script:
complete list of ideasman script - search OBJ/MTL Export/Import 1.0