blender and ividea gtx 960

can anyone tell me what goes wrong.

I see on youtube all show cases of people with blender render and a gtx 960 2Gb.
Beautiful renders.

But when I download this scene:

And I want to render it, my blender gives me a error,

CUDA out of memory.

What do I do wrong.

Hi. From Blender 2.73 to 2.77, 2GB VRAM is really low memory amount. Anyway you use Blender 2.78 where VRAM usage was improved.
You can monitor Blender (and system) VRAM usage with “watch -n 2 nvidia-smi” in Linux, and GPU-Z on Windows.

Thanks I download the 2.78, and now it is rendering fine.
But was this a bug?

And How can the other ones, render well with gtx 960 2Gb

I guess this is not a bug, just Blender 2.78 uses less VARM by some optimizations developers have done.

I downloaded the .blend file and it is corrupt. I do not know if was a problem with my download manager. Anyway, it is always advisable to pack the file before uploading if it is big file (7zip, rar)
And by the way, GTX 960 comes in 4 GB VRAM versions too. I do not know what GTX 960 have used those people whose work you’ve seen.

It was a gtx 960 2Gb

Well, we should analyze each particular case. The .blend scene those people have used, OS vram usage, or for example if they were using the GTX 960 to handle the display system.
And of course study your scene, but as I said before I have not been able to do it.