Blender and Maya with Objs

Hi, I’ve been doing all of my modeling/uv editing/etc in Blender at work but I need to export the models to maya. My problem is that no matter what options I pick on the Obj exporter, they all come in as one single object in maya, which then need to be broken apart which is extremely time consuming. Does anyone know of a way to get them to come as separate objects? Or is there maybe a script that would export each object as it’s own obj then I could import them in separately on the maya side?

If there is another format that supports them that would be fine too, I’ve been trying COLLADA but the exporter quits with an error every time.

Thanks in advance!

Try the .FBX exporter that comes with 2.45. It will export multiple objects and multiple materials per object. It also exports animations, and in my experience, works pretty well. Be sure to use Blender 2.45 though, Cambo made a number of big improvements to both the .FBX and .OBJ exporters for that version.