Blender and Ogre3D an unstoppable gaming combo

I heard rumblings a couple of months ago about Blender integrating the Ogre3D realtime graphics engine. With the python bindings for Ogre coming along nicely, it seems like an excellent idea. After all, the Blender game engine is falling behind most commercial engines but having a realtime engine as powerful (and as cross platform and open source :)) as Ogre would make Blender truly untouchable as an essentially WYSIWYG game development platform.

Is anyone working on anything like this? Having used the Ogre engine for a few projects (for which I modelled all the entities in Blender anyway) I would have to say it is probably the best real time rendering engine out there and I would really like to see or partipate in an integration project.

EDIT: Oops, I just spotted Erwin’s thread here. Awesome work there. Answers my question. Mods can delete this one.