Blender and other renderers...

(B-headed) #1

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to set up a render farm for blender and would like to know which would be the most logical renderer to use. I’ve heard pov ray is great for this, but would like to know what your thoughts are on others such as bmrt, lightflow, blenderman, etc…

also, any links on setting up render farms for blender would be great…



(dreamsgate) #2

When you figure it out let me know, I’d like to eventually set up a render farm too.

(Kid Tripod) #3

i’m guessing that each of those renderers is equally suitable (as you’re probably gonna have to be thinking command line here) and so i’d say it has more to do with the blender exporter and feature set/speed/final image look/operating system that you want.