Blender and Photography

Hi all,

I am very new to Blender and I would like to ask for your expertise :slight_smile:

I am a portrait photographer, mainly studio work. I was wondering if somebody has never combined blender and photography. I was thinking to include some decoration made with blender in my pictures, nothing too fancy, like chairs moulding to flat wall, to make the studio looking like a real flat. Eventually adding floor to the picture. I know that I could use other images in the picture but I like the idea to make customized things for myselsf. (I am aware of the lighting that have to match with the studio lights)

Do you think is achievable in blender? How would you approach this? My idea is to create the object in Blender and then set the camera angle and fcal lenght as I used in the studio and import the image in photoshop. Would it make sense?

Thanks fo any advice

if you know the position/orientation of your camera accurately enough, then your approach should work, although I’ve never tried it myself (possibly you’ll also have to correct for lens distortion etc, depending on your camera and how noticeable the difference there turns out to be)

I’d also advice you to perhaps take a look at blender’s inbuilt motion tracking tools (which aim at recovering the camera position from a video) — even if you don’t actually need tracking, tutorials on this usually do a relatively good job at covering how to make your additions “blend in” with the real photography, which often tends to be harder than one initially thinks it should be.

Thanks a lot, this make sense! I do not want really to make super complex object at the beginning, so the camera do not have to be super precise. I can then modify the object slightly in PS to match the perspective. But it can be useful the motion tracking for more complex projects, I thought it was only for video!

Thanks a lot

You might want to use F-Spy to get a more precise camera angle into Blender…it is an exterior Program with an add-on for Blender…Free BTW

Thank you!

Hi aspnet,

You might want to also explore the Photographer addon which may help with lighting, cam settings etc… which I’m sure you are familiar with.


Not aware at all! Is 3 days I am using blender… everything is new to me.

Thanks a lot