Blender and RAM

When i render a picture with blender, Blender never uses more than 30 Mo of Ram.
My computer has 512 Mo of it.
When i render a picture with another 3d software -like Discreet Plasma-,
the software uses around 2oo Mo of RAM.

Does that mean that Blender only need a small amount of RAM to work,
or does it mean that Blender doesn’t know how to take avantage of all
the RAM available ?

what would it do with all that ram?

take advantage of it, no. Blender can easily use all of if the scene requres it however

Blender relies on the CPU more than the RAM, I think. It probably does well on a Mac.

For fun put in a remotely complex subsurfed (but not simple ~) model, with render complexity set at level 6. Then also have OSA on the highest level and add soft-shadows. That should help already :] Adding lots of procedural textures and do displacement mapping helps too.


Blender is smart, that’s why he needs less RAM than other, but don’t worry, it can uses all… I have 1Gb RAM and some of my scenes used more than 800Mb :slight_smile:


My worries are finished.

Thanks all !