Blender and Shake or Nuke

Blender and Shake or Nuke (sorry, long…)
We are running a compositing course next year with either Shake or Nuke. Students have learned 3D modelling in Blender. Compositing professional who will teach the course has never heard of Blender. His concerns are:
“> Blender is not compatible with Shake or Nuke .I explain myself. When you import a 3D image in Shake or Nuke coming from Maya or Max it comes with an history and whole lot of Data that you can read and modify in the 2D package. like depth of field , transparencies etc…
> Ex : I import a matte that I will use for modifying the depth of field of my background, it is coming with informations that I can modify via a slider in Shake or Nuke. I’ll be able to import an image from blender but with no data informations.
> With Maya there is lots of third party plug ins very useful, like:
> Tracking and matchmoving
> Rendering and lighting (with Mental ray or renderman) etc…
> It makes me more credible too. I’ll be able to call my contacts and say : I have trained this year several very good digital Artist on Maya and Nuke . I won’t talk about Blender because nobody knows or use it.”
Can you import this kind of data from Blender to Shake or Nuke?
Please answer as course planning depends on this.
Thanks Andi