Blender and Win7 or Linux..version???

Hi -
Sony Vaio VGN-SZ460N

Long story short - this laptop was given to me aftrer some damage and i’ve been diligently working on this laptop for 9 days straight in hopes of fixing it… Pretty much got it to work however it seems to have never ending issues with Vista - I’m getting frustrated and tired - 18hr days and nights trying and trying. Yet with each fix comes more issues.

I’m working o hard on it because:

  1. i can’t afford a new laptop or PC
  2. it has a better - excuse me - It actually has a graphics processor - my older laptop doesn’t ths one has the NVidia 7400 go, admitidly not the best - low middle - but a graphics card none the less, with open Gl and DirectX10 support.
  3. I want to use it with Blender and of course some of the other apps i’ve been dying to actually USE not jsut look at and watch everyone else use.

If i can’t fix it soon with Vista installed;
My conciderations since the VGN seemingly can’t take to XP too well is
A) going to Win7RC
If so question is Blendr going to work on it?

B) going to a Linux OS -
which one works with this laptop?
I saw a site tht had listing/data base for what hardware and laptops worked with what Linux Os - of course this model of Vaio wasn’t in the data base.

With so many Linux version to choose from - and risks involved - which is the right one for this comp?


If you’re new to linux, a good bet is to try Ubuntu. It is very popular (hence lots of support) and fairly friendly to newcomers to linux. Many linux distributions (including Ubuntu) will allow you to boot up your system – in linux – from a liveCD. That allows you to get a feel for it (although it is very slow) and see if you have huge hardware issues. If you wanted to do a lengthy testing process without risking anything, you could install virtualbox and run your test os’es within it, but since you can’t seem to rely on vista that probably won’t work. Whatever you decide to do, good luck.

You haven’t mentioned what the problems with it are. If you’re sure the issues are software issues, you would probably do just fine with Windows or Linux. But you have to make sure the problem is specific to the software you are using.

i.e. if it turns out the problems are originating from a bad memory chip or disk read/write error, changing the OS won’t fix your problem.

what does damage mean?

hard drive hanging out?

cost of Linux - $0
cost of a new laptop - $2000
chance of being electrocuted - priceless

Thanks for making me chuckle abit waylow - needed it at the moment.

what does damage mean…? lol… ;0) well the LCD screen hangs by one hindge if that gives you some indication. and it took six days to get it to take 95% of the reinstall - that was the highest i could get it to go - re-install after re-install - over and over again… hmmm !? isn’t that the lyricks to a song… anyway - i’m tired… can’t focus at the moment.

FishB8 -= already replaced those things days ago…

I’m dealing with the Vista sp2 to Vista Business known issues at this point in time and others cause by the lack of a clean install…

hey i’m trying and getting a tad frustrated… i’ll figure it out

but am looking at OS options.

if it won’t install - it’s probably a hardware issue

maybe CD drive is damaged or harddrive - or motherboard etc
a new OS aint gonna fix that :frowning:

I hate to say it - but it might be a lost cause

you could have a little burial in the backyard and invite all it’s friends
you know…the fridge and the microwave

(…or sell the parts that work and save up for a new computer)

true enough… and the thought has occured to me for sure…

Wait - that’s how i can fix it!

a shovel!!!
lol i’d of used a shledge hammmer if it didn’t looks so sad as it is…
that is the usual way to fix them these days - isn’t it?

J09 - you mentioned using a live Cd to check for Hardware issues -
I know of Fedora - and can create a bootable usb with it - have an old copy of Knopix (live cd)
and what is this virtualbox? How is it used to trouble shoot hardware etc?
( though i willl look into it via search)


oh and to mention it - i did run tests on all the hardware including the DVD drive - 6hr Hot CPU test which tested most all the hardware - seperate DVD test - seperate hd tests both for the new and old HD.
old one was still good i found out - new storage external now.