Blender and windows 10 preview error

hi i have been using windows 10 technical preview with blender installed and had no issues at all, but a week ago i got a very strange problem. there is a black bar on the top and on the side an it seems that my view i shifted down and to the side (meaning that when i click at any thing the clicking happens next to where i clicked):spin: see photo for more explanations

i hop there is a solution to this, by the way i uninstalled blender and remover all preferences… etc but still the same.:no:

i just found this
and it seemd that its the latest updated to widows 10 build 10122 that is causing the issue, it also been reported :slight_smile:

This is correct, I have the same problem using Windows 10 Pro Insider Build 10122
I hope that this will be fixed very soon, because its render Blender useless.


Same here!

One workaround is using fullscreen mode.

Wow man, you saved my day. That did the trick. Hope tough that they will fix it soon

I have that “issue” too, on my WIndows 10 10122 with Intel/NVidia video card. Tested on all Blender 2.7 version, the same result…

I had to do ALT+F11 and then ALT+F10 to get Fullscreen with all the menues
Just in case some struggle likje I did :slight_smile:

FULL SCREEN Yippee ki yay
awesome thanks alot jendabek :wink:

Microsoft at its best xD

The windows 10 update Build 10130 has fixed this now.

impressive :smiley: