Blender and Zbrush Displacement Maps

I am practicing using Zbrush and Blender together and I’m having an issue. I import the model and displacement map, and apply it, it affects the model but adds some weird stuff.

no displacement



Just a wild guess… 8 bit taken into Blender??

possibly… I have no clue. Any link you know of that could show me how to properly export something to blender from zbrush?

sorry I dont know… Is it possible to save in tga or openexr format? I dont have zbrush but have heard that people have had problems of 8 bit texture maps… Blender can handle higher just make sure that you are sending and getting it into blender in the higher format. Just a wild guess though. Plus makes sense with the stepping that you pointed out.

Definitely 8 bits issue. You have to export the map in 32 bits tiff format. Unfortunately Blender does not support that image format, so you will have to convert it to 32 bits EXR with photoshop or some other program. Then you will be able to get the map inside Blender.

How do you convert hdri to exr , can you do it with Gimp?

You may also need to flip the image 180 degrees.

Melodico gimp doesn’t support 24bit right now its still 8 bit. Cinepaint can handle 24bit and exr but I don’t think that it can handle hdri.

Unfortunately Blender does not support that image format
Might be time for an upgrade if your version doesn’t support 32 bit tiffs.

I’m using 2.45.8 SVN from 29th Nov (windoze) that I got at and it works just fine. my Gimp[ (2.4) also has no probs with RBG-Alpha tiff images…:confused:


enhzflep: What’s being referred to is 32bits per channel, not in total. Blender supports 8 bit per channel tiffs (8x RGBA), sure, but as far as I’m aware it doesn’t support 16/32bit per channel tiffs. You might want to doublecheck that.


Oh, I see. Should’ve thought of that. sorry.