Blender Animation Coming out black

[Fixed]Hello everyone
I am have a problem with my animation rendering.
When ever I try to render my short video my figure is in a black siloette
I may have accidentally pressed something to make it like this but i can’t find out what

Here is my .blend fileChewbacca.blend (735 KB)

Thank you in advance for any help

You need to ad a light in the scene or environment light to the world.

I tried adding environment light but nothing change???
Thanks for the help though

A few points here. You have no lamps in the scene to light up the subject. You do have ambient occlusion turned on in Properties > World > Ambient Occlusion which would “light” up the scene by itself but Properties > World > Gather method is set to Raytrace, and Ray Tracing is turned off in Properties > Render > Shading.

So either turn ray tracing on in Render > Shading or set World > Gather method to Approximate to get ambient occlusion or environment lighting working, and/or put lamp(s) in the scene.

Yeah it looks like alien-speak when typed out like this.

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Hi and thanks for the help i tried these but none of them worked for me (lamps gave to much light)
Could you please either give me a fixed .blend file or another way of doing it
Thank you so much in advance

If the lamps give too much light, give the lamps a lower Energy value. Adding two regular point lamps looks fine to me, so if you don’t like how that looks you’re going to have to explain what’s wrong with it.

It seems that’s when I try to add a simple point lamp it make my fiqure go quite a lot whiter. I know there probaly is a way to fix this but since i am brand new to blender i do not know of such a thing
any help would be amazing thanks
p.s i have tried lowering the lamps energy value but it made no difference

I found the fix to the problem. I need to turn environmental lighting of and put AO on, also my exposure was way to high

Thank all for you help

You are going to need to find basic tutorials or you will need someone to walk you through each step and there are many.
Lowering the light energy does make a difference every time.
move the light change the type the color or ad a texture to the light… They are many many things you can do.