Blender animation film, help wanted! (EDITED)

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Hello blender community,

I know most will probably scroll past this.

But this is my ideal project, this project is non-profit and is only going to be used for YouTube and my school grades. I started learning Blender with the sole purpose to animate my own version of the Lion King films (Not the third one) but with the characters as dragons, and three wolves.

Blood will be used as it is a 12a film, not for kids. Pictures of the dragons and wolves are on my video:

I am looking to put a team together consisting of animators, modelers, texturers, riggers and much more, this will allow the models to go through individual stages to make sure that they are perfect.

This kind of project will probably be the only and ONLY fan project I will make…

I am doing this as I love dragons and this project will be and fun for us to create.

So please, if you feel that you can be of help in any way! Please contact me through my YouTube channel or PM me on Blender Artists

Scripts have already been done and completed, music has been found and sound effects have been found for the film, so, all we need now, is for people like you on Blender to help create this.

You’ll need permission from LP for using their songs, as this is clearly going to be available to the general public. Also, you may want to elaborate on your idea in general.

Please clarify the points above first.

To say nothing of getting permission from The Mouse to use Lion King property (highly unlikely to be forthcoming.)

Have you given any thought to the idea of becoming a go-to source for voice-over, narration or script reading talent for animators here on BlenderArtists?

Not to mention

My time goal for completing this project alone is probably 2 years, but with help we can improve the quality and the time to completion…

You do realise disney spent 4 years working on the original lion king, with 100’s of top quality artists working on it. If this is for a school project, aim for a high quality 30 second short… 10 seconds to establish character, 10 seconds for the gag, 10 seconds for the recovery / ending. If you are new to CG, that alone should take you 2 years. Not a crappy copy of a high quality feature film which you will be stealing the intellectual property from a major international company.

Just out of curiosity, is the script in standard hollywood format, and how many pages long is it?

This is non profit and is for fun only, I will hold no rights to ANYTHING!! Linkin Park belong to themselves and Lion King to Disney. The script is around 35 pages long, but that includes any new scenes I have put in

Let’s get another thing straight, Animater 2015. Intending a project to be non profit and for fun only does not protect you, or your collaborators, from lawsuits for infringing on someone else’s intellectual property. I understand you’ve been getting away with it for a while with your Lion King mash-ups, but that is due to The Mouse’s forebearance, not due to it being in any way legitimate. If you admit to using someone else’s work, which you do, quite plainly, in your posts, you have pre-emptively destroyed any defence your lawyers might mount claiming the work is original and not derivative. It also means that any of your collaborators cannot use anything they do for you in their own demo reels or resumes, because who in their right mind would hire someone who clearly shows they have no respect for copyright?

The reason I asked about the script’s format is to get an idea of the film’s timing. “Script” can mean different things to different people. I’ve seen writing called “scripts” which were mainly dense blocks of backstory, scenery and exposition, with precious little, if any, dialog or white space. So, let’s try it again: is your script in standard script format?

(I’d ask you to put it on-line somewhere, but I doubt you’d do that.)

1-2 years is a terribly long amount of time to spend on something that may be taken down due to intellectual property infringements.
Might be something fun though for beginning artists to cut their teeth on as it’s highly unlikely you’ll get seasoned / talented artists to devote that much time to something that may never even see the light of day(or if so, shortly lived) once completed.

I doubt disney anything about a kid doing fan art, that will make no money. Depending what your aiming for this could take years!!
Im thinking about doing a shot of an old disney film my self.

You are probably right, Koumis. Nothing in it for them. However, a simple take down notice, as Rigby40 points out, cuts everyone off at the knees.

All I see here, quite frankly, and despite Animater 2015’s claims to be learning Blender, is a non-Blender user trying to get Blender Artists to work on a vanity project for him. While he does have some rudimentary video editing skills (probably Movie Maker) and is capable of getting recordings of dialog done by amature voice actors (something quite difficult and worth developing), he does not seem to be particularly interested in doing any of the jobs he has listed in his request for volunteers.

Now, I’ve seen a lot (A LOT) of these projects spring up and die over the years, so my agenda is simply to alert newer users who may think there is something worthwhile here. Yes, yes, of course, this one will be different… But all the others ended in frustration and recriminations and bad feelings. So, better that one newcomer who isn’t interested in Blender get pissed off at me, than many newcomers who DO want to learn Blender get suckered into this slough of despond.

@Animater 2015: this is the Blender Artists forum. It is for people learning and using Blender. If learning and using Blender is something that interests you, check out the Learn Blender Basics tutorials under the GETTING STARTED IN BLENDER tab in the page header, and post some work. If you are NOT interested in learning how to use Blender… we won’t miss you when you’re gone.

I don’t know, do you remember the cull on YouTube they did a few years back? Technically speaking they weren’t making money or causing damage to companies, yet all the animated music videos that people made, cover songs and other ‘non-profit’ videos were pulled with an iron fist. It was only with the onset of adverts and the commercialisation of YouTube that companies started letting people keep their material on the site. You can still find the odd video of ‘this video is blocked in your country by the copyright owner’ though. Technically speaking though, and YouTube still mention it in their FAQ’s, that if a company wants to issue a take-down notice, they can and will do, and you’ll have a strike on your account and run the risk of being sued for damages. It’s the case even with the music that they let you replace in your videos as well!

You have to be very careful when doing this kind of work, especially if you’re doing something derivative rather than of parody. Depending on where you live as well, you could get around it if you were doing the project based on education reasons, but putting the video online on YouTube undercuts that given it’s no longer a private video for school but available for all and sundry to see.

I’ve seen private websites receive cease and desist notices from companies like Disney and Universal as well, yet the only thing they’ve done is upload a trailer for a film.

Orinoco is correct, it’s not a wise ball-game to play unless you’re very familiar with the rules (especially given copyright, patents and trademarks).

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i like to help with modeling. tell me what to model.