blender animation help - iPhone falling and smashing

i need someone to use this iPhone model created in the blender file and animate it so it is falling and then smashes on the ground. i already have the file containing the iPhone already modelled, all you need to do is put it together as an animation. here is a link of the video i want it to look like, this guy used the same file of the iPhone model as well.

is any on able to help me i am willing to pay someone to do it for me.

It exist a tutorial for this:

LOL! Yeah, it’s off a tutorial…

hah! well OK. I honestly didn’t know!
Is it just me, or does the motion blur look really crappy for that vid?

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Make it exactly like the video or have it fall another way?

I think i can do that for you, can you send me the blender file? send me private message too pls :slight_smile: