Blender Animation in Adobe Flash...?

So can anyone here shed some light on this, is it possible or do I need some other program that will let me incorporate 3D into Flash Animations…?

Combined with papervision (or something similar?) blender can be a starting point for your 3D flash content. See the online video of a recent presentation at BlendCon '08 about some examples. Otherwise there have been efforts to export “static” animation in flash-compatible formats (I believe FFMPEG will encode to flv, for example.) Best of luck!

It depends what is final applications you’ve need

I my case i’ts for movies i work in blender make a .png render after you’ve just have to import the file in flash

for real interactive 3D I don’t know. Maybe it’s possible but you will need some scrpit works to do

you can always render to an avi then use an avi2flv converter to make a flash playable file.

Thanks for all the responses and im going to go check out papervision3D now.

What I have done in the past is render out a sequence of PNGs and then add them to the stage in Flash. Of course, JPGs would work too, but PNGs support transparency if you need the animation without a background.

If you are actually needing interactive 3D content and not just straight-up animation, that will take some extra work, like what others said about Papervision. I’ve never done that so I can’t help with it.