Blender animations to support hong kong

If you haven’t heard, a professional Hearthstone player won a tournament and in his interview he supported the hong kong protests so Blizzard (the company that owns Hearthstone, Overwatch, etc.) banned him from competing and took his prize money and fired the 2 commentators. Now people are using a Blizzard character from Overwatch to make pro democracy art. Someone made and shared a blender file with the character.

It would be great if we could setup animation controls for the character to make it easier for anyone to download blender and the model to support democracy and freedom in hong kong for the .blend sorry i can’t upload it directly its too big


Yeah, I saw Mei, the artwork and thanks for clarifying what was going on.

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This is a great idea, we need to support these people, truth is Blizzard looked at it, like this - - If we allow him to protest, we will lose Chinese customers and, we don’t want to lose money - - So, these amazing heroes and, characters, are really just for hire . . When money is on the line, they’re not heroes, at all - - Maybe someone should make a capitalist vampire version, of Overwatch characters, where there’s a dead chinese protester and, they have blood on face and, hold a bloody bag of money, in one hand - -

I would like to help but, I’m a bad 3D modeller - - But, if you need a signature, you can always write me, some-where, to support the protesters - -

name is, Jesper Beck Aka, Jasper Brooks ( English ) - - What a Great idea and, Thing to Support, Poor people - -