Blender animators, beware of Mavericks

The funkiest thing is happening to me in an 10.9 environment. The audio does not scrub, instead it plays on forever. Anyone else?

I submitted this:

Yes I can confirm that, happens to me also in mavericks.

i moved away from ubuntu because of the buggy releases they’ve been doing lately.

Try manjaro linux. It has the ubuntu out of the box ease of use + the amazing power of pacman/yaourt

Did you log this as a bug?

edit: whoops. Duh. Maybe I should learn to read. :slight_smile:

Also did you guys see how many people had problems with gnome-shell and ubuntu at blender conference this year?
This is giving linux desktop a bad name. :smiley:
I guess thats why linux mint uses cinamon by default - their own version of gnome. And ubuntu is sinking down in the distrowatch user chart.

I know ubuntu uses unity, but in it’s base it has been getting buggier than usual. Some of the bugs come from the DE as well. All sorts of little annoyances and quirks from a much worsened (in my case) hardware support.
Technically you can install unity on Arch linux (which is a much stabler base) or out of the box derivatives for lazy people like Manjaro. I havent tried unity on it yet though so I can’t tell if it’s any better under arch.

Blurymind actually we are talking about new mac osx 10.9 mavericks, not ubuntu maverick.
About linux I’m using opensuse 12.3 with KDE and its very fast and stable.

ah right xD sorry for the confusion
I heard the new OSX had graphics issues too

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Has anyone found a decent work around yet :?

I’ve gone ahead and turned off Audio scrubbing, hit play, and just click to “scrub.” You need to click a lot though…

Yes: set in preferences-> system openAL buffer to 512, or use SDL or JAck, all this works with scrubbing.
Afaik this is a change in the openAL backend, that makes audioscrubbing smoother, but we don’t have adapted the implementation in blender yet.


FYI: the bug was minor ( new openAL implementation did not like Null buffers ) and is fixed in trunk.

r61196 | nexyon | 2013-11-08 00:40:06 +0100 (Fr, 08 Nov 2013) | 2 lines

Fix for [#37293] Audio does not Scrub, plays fully instead