Blender art-net node


the other day i was setting around thinking.
and i wondered how hard it wound be to make a node?
i would love to have a node in geometry nodes that allowed me to have a connection to art-net.

if you dont know art net is a protocol that is used in the live event industry to control lighting and automation. Basically art net is broadcast over the network the data is then read the receiving device.
the data is based off of the DMX protocol.
the data is broken by Universe, channel (there are 512) then value (0-255).
there are 16 bit systems that use two channels to get you values from 0-65536.

i would love to have a node or even a driver input that would listen to a given art net address for its value. i could then use that value in blender to drive nodes or use the value and animate things in real time…

i just don’t know enough of python and blender scripting to do it.
but i would love to set at a lighting console and control a tentacle shape in real time.

there is software that does stuff like this.
such as Touch designer or notch.
but this would be a hole new level of creativity.

just a thought