Blender Artist - Ireland

Ink and Light Studios are looking for a Blender Artist based in Ireland.

We are looking for an experienced modeler to create scale models of locations.

They should also have some experience with rigging cameras and UI.

Ideally they will also have experience with Fspy, architectural visualisation, VFX and a little Python scripting. Immediate start, working remote.

Apply with CV and showreel to danielle @

Hi Hayden,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Im afraid we are just looking for someone based in Ireland at the moment.

Best regards,


Hi Danielle I’m a Blender Artist living In Northern Ireland and am interested in your job offering.
here’s my website -
I am very adept at Blender and was trained in all aspects of Animation as a graduate in Animation from the University of Ulster, I know a little python and C++ and am very adaptable.
I am very good at modelling and a 3d Generalist though my website features mainly 2d work.
I am confident I can achieve any standard.
I hope to hear from you, thanks

I sent you my Portfolio by Email


Hi , I’m from japan . I found your web site and love your style .
Though not now , but in the future , I would like to work or collabotate with you .
This is a my 2D test animation reel .

I also want to make something for kids . not for geeks .
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Hi Rikiya,

I hope you are safe and well.

Thanks for your application.

Im afraid we are only looking for people based in Ireland but I have passed it on to our producer Tamsin.

Best regards,


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Thanks for your kindly reply

Not interested in the position, but it’s nice to see 3D become more recognised in my country. When I started out, you could count the amount of Irish 3D artists on one hand. :laughing:

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Thanks for the message Danny. Great work on your artstation.

If you know of anyone looking for work, feel free to send them our way.:slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend,


Thanks Danielle, I live in Australia at the moment, but best of luck in the hunt. :wink:

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