Blender Artist needed for airfoil design & testing

I need the assistance of a blender artist with a fair amount of airfoil design experience. Job is to develop .stl files capable of being used for 3D printing. These are not your basic airfoil designs. You will need to be able to work from hand sketches & will mostly need to do this work remotely as time constraints will prevent me from traveling to you. First will come model prototyping & likely some design testing in blender in order to achieve the best design for the application. Then printing & model testing, & finally, scale up to larger units. I have no experience in how compensation is arranged for this type of work, so that will be discussed after we agree to basic terms & I am convinced of your level of experience & competence. This will be an open ended project with performance as the guiding base.


John Foster
J.W. Foster & Associates
[email protected]

Well .stl files are a CAD format and Blender is a polygonal modeling system, not a CAD program. You may have better luck asking on a different forum that’s CAD orientated…

I would agree that it’s more likely to find someone with the required expertise (airfoil design) on a CAD-related forum, however .STL is a polygonal format and Blender can work with it.

I have some experience with 3D printing in blender. I’ll PM you for more info.

I have some experience with 3D printing in blender. I’ll PM you for more info.

I am OK with it. So what are your tasks, concretely? I have airfoil and partial differential equations notions, so can be passed to Blender via Python.