Blender Artist team recruitment

Hi blender community! Im currently looking into the development of a RPG Stager video game! You have multiple places to contact me! [email protected] and [email protected]. Please only serious answers please! I need experienced model makers for the characters of my game! Thank you!

hi there i am sow your poost and i am intrestid on making a game
i am a modler and i know a bit about game logic and simpel python i also know about textureing and animation allmost everything in blender ha ha
you can check my art on devintart:taem art

This is quite a terrible post to get people interested in your project, I don’t know if you have more posts awaiting moderation.

What’s it about?
Any screenshots or concept work?

information, the more the better! A fairly decent structured post with accompanying images (if any) will attract more serious interest.