blender artist wanted for making in-game animals, avatars and scenery props

We are looking for an artist that specializes in animals and scenery props. It would be cool if you could also rig and animate but firstly we are looking for a great artist that can design them according to the quality we need. We are a fast growing play-to-earn project and are looking to onboard people for this part.

We also have a very nice in-game style ( that we want to build on to further. Still even finetuning it. Mountains are often not so well designed and this is something we are also looking talent for. We work in stylized style and I need to add to the bundle we have already so we can build on top of it.

If you are a freelancer then drop me a mail on [email protected]

I won’t reply instantly as usually I get many replies but will try to do so asap. Even when I decide not to work with you. I look mostly on portfolio not to education or origin. Skills are the only thing that interest me.



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