Blender Artists Community is packed with heroes

I would just like to give a quick mention to the community of Blender Artists. I cried for help for rendering my project yesterday because of technical difficulties. In less than 2 hours, three people were already talking to me via e-mail on how they can help. This community is so nice and welcoming.
Special mention to @dodeqaa @yennamsandeep51 for literally doing all of the work.
Thank you to @LusGuionCelta, @Taholmes160, @Jeremiah_M, also for trying to lend a hand. Couldn’t reply to most of them though because of the new user max chat rule.

After my project, I will be lending my laptop to sheepit render farm and hopefully be able to help others even though it’s just frame by frame.

Thank you so much and I can’t wait to be able to do my part for this community.

Have a good one!


You are very welcome. A helpful communitiy is what makes the world .blend easier.

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Ahmm… Wrong post, I think? :sweat_smile: