Blender Artists News: Site is growing!

Hey guys,

You may have noticed the site going down briefly here and there during the day. This is not related to the recent hack on the site, it is a symptom of the site growing!! The site will tend to hit it’s max Database Connections allowed on the sties current hosting environment. Especially lately when I run the daily backup on the site.

I’ve had a call with our host Rackspace and CG Cookie is looking to invest into a Database server for BA alone. Some benefits of doing this are:

  • Greater level of monitoring being under the CGC managed cloud service plan. Currently on a cloud sites plan.
  • Increased ceiling for DB connections and growth
  • More back ups, more often.

The down side is finding that extra hours to get that all set up. Though, I am working with Rackspace and the Cookie Crew to see how quickly we can get this up and running.

I wanted to just give a heads up on what you may have been seeing and that I am working on it! Thanks for helping grow the site and catch you soon. :slight_smile:

  • Wes

Thanks, Wes!! Good news to hear that we are growing as a user base :smiley:

nice to hear! keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

if you dont mind me asking… whats the max people allowed on blenderartists ?

Great news from the best forum on the 'net! Thanks for the update.

Good news, if those are real users and not some big spambots wave.