Blender Artists Required For Indie RPG

We are currently looking for aspiring artists to join our team entering early production stages of development. A perfect opportunity for building your portfolio & earn royalties per sale when the project is complete.

We seek Texture Artists, Modellers, Animators & visual effects artists.

Candidates with experience in more than one of the above skills is preferred but not essential. Must also be serious about commitment to recieve royalties by becoming a core team member and not a minor contributor. If an artist wishes to be a minor contributor then said artist will be credited for the contributions but it will be considered voluntary work, no royalties.

PM me for more details.

I am very interested in this project, and I have modeling, texturing and and animation experience. I certainly couldn’t commit much time, but I’d love to work on a few small assets.

I’m very interested as well. I have texturing experience and small animation experience. I’m willing to help a lot.

I have Modeling , Texturing , Rigging and some Animation experience …