Blender Asteroids

Hey, I’ve made a blender game engine version of the classic game from Atari “Asteroids” and called it, as you may already seen…[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT] “BLENDER ASTEROIDS”.

It runs entirely on logic bricks and has not even a single line of python code.
I’ve tried to copy the original look, but at the same time update it a bit.
disclaimer: I’ve never played the original Asteroids, so if you are a fan, sorry but it will feel like a different game for sure :yes:

It’s licensed as Public Domain so you can do whatever you want with it and don’t need to even credit me.
It’s intended for learning purposes and sorry all the bad organization that it has… lots of unnecessary bricks (made it easier for me to think the logic :evilgrin:)

So if you are going For The Win then here it is a tip:
Get away from big stones, shoot only the small ones and as much UFOs as you can. You’ll need about 9000 points, it wont be easy :wink: Unlike the original this is a complete physics driven game mechanics, so every time you play chaos will be completely different.

. The Blender Asteroids.blend is available at bGame
. Play it directly on your Web Browser at Burster

If you know more places were it can go, then feel free to upload it, you may even say that you made it (don’t forget to remove my name first or people won’t believe you).

I recommend you run it in a blender version equal or newer then 2.63.17 r49666
(There were some reports of a crash on blender 2.62, 2.63 and 2.63a) and use the Standalone Player start button.

Hope you enjoy, my scores are usually around 3000 points :evilgrin:

AD-Edge as made the momentum/drifting + wrap around effect version!
Asteroids is back! :smiley:
Available for download and play on the blender asteroids website
or as failsafe alternative by downloading it here


Hey! I think I’ve seen this post before!
How does it look EXACTLY LIKE the post i’ve seen before?
Did you edit your post to get it to new posts or something like that?

Just commenting to rate it, (I’m rating on bGame too). Well done. :yes:
Just a tip, to count your downloads you should just link to bGame, then people click download there which can get you most downloaded - thus more people play your game. :wink:

Good point! You’re right! Thanks once again! :yes:

polygon studios:
Thanks! There is one on the WIP thread :slight_smile: maybe you’ve seen it there. Now it’s finished so I also posted it here.

Now Blender Asteroids is available to play directly on your web browser trough Buster
All you need to do is install the plug-in and you’re ready to go :slight_smile:

A lot of power in those logic bricks. We made a game with UDK some time ago almost completely relying on Kismet which is a bit similar to blenders logic bricks I suppose. Nice work!

:slight_smile: Thanks! I never tried UDK, (doesn’t run on Linux) but the Logic Bricks do are very powerful, allot more then I suspected, and it’s amazing because they are with blender for more then 10 years.

It actually is a lot of fun! Great work!

:smiley: Thanks!
That is the best compliment I could expect! Makes me very happy!

Okay, found a way to make a Mac runtime (Addons>Save as runtime).
Here it is rogper. Let me know when you download it as I won’t keep it on my dropbox due to space limits long.
Thanks again.

Hey FloridaJo!
Thank you very much! I have downloaded it, you can delete the file.
I will send it to a frind Mac user to test it and add it to the list as soon he gives a positive feedback :slight_smile:

Edit: My friend wasn’t able to run it, but he doesn’t have blender installed. He may also not have some dependencies (don’t know how that works on mac) :confused:
If someone else can give it a try I appreciate allot in advance!

I would think you would have to have Blender installed to run it.

Yeah, I think one has in fact… which is a shame :confused: a non blender user that way is forced to install blender.

There was a thing called “BlenderStarter” ( that would allow Blender games to run independent of Blender, but that link is now dead.

Yeah, but anyway still requires an external application to run the game :confused: it’s not the optimal situation, the game should be able to run by it self. For non blender users this things confuse them :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, my score never shows. ?

What!?? :frowning:
It’s the first report I’ve got on that… don’t know why it’s happening.

Here’s a screen recording of that happening.
Password to the video is : Blender

Thanks for having the trouble of recording… you’re right :slight_smile: you don’t have the score… It almost looks that the text object was deleted.
And if you run it from blender, does it shows the same issue?