Blender at SIGGRAPH 07?

Just a quick thread. Is the Blender Foundation planning to be at SIGGRAPH 2007?

Most likely.

actually i think Blender is pulling out of the Cg industry, just not enough money in it. Its moving to Word processing and email software.


yes, but looking at the current word processors it’s still possible they are attending…
for example new Word version will have motion tracking.


feature request ANSI text

And here I thought Blender Inc. was getting ready to release a closed source messenger with built in webcam and iPod syncing.
Damn it, I was getting ready to buy shares.

If we can be serious for a second… I just want to know so I can decide whether or not to invest in the tickets.

Goin’ to Siggraph has never been a bad idea (at least, for me). I’ve been going since 2002, and with the exception of that first year (I was only there for a day or two and was still trying to figure out what everything was about), I’ve met Blender folks every time. There are cool things to be seen, cool people to meet, and buckets of things worthy of learning.

So… it’s worth it to go. I know I’ll be there.

There have been Blender gatherings there for the last several years, although last year was the first time Blender had a booth. Since there’s no big “draw” like Elephants Dream this time, I would guess that the presence would be smaller. However, I’d bet that the success and contacts from last year will encourage them to maintain their presence this year.

almost for sure you’ll find “the usual suspects” from the blender community- ton, fweeb, myself, wavk and many others tend to go every year- there’s usually a blender bof that sometimes is a one day event that functions like a mini blender conference within the conference. Blender users often hang out together in the hours immediatly after the conference, and there’s the usual bumping into people during classes/events/sketches/the exhibition floor. There might be other things going on too, but it’s a bit too early to tell right now :slight_smile:
siggraph is pretty cool anyway- it’s a great place to satisfy your cg addiction, see great shorts, learn things, and see new developements. Like many conferences, it’s also good to meet people, or hook up with people you already know from past conferences.


@everyone else…lol, this question does not need to be answerd. Just shoot the man himself an e-mail or even [email protected] Not like he wont answer you, he is Ton, not God.

I emailed bart, and he said:

I’m not aware of any plans yet, although I would expect them to attend. I’m certainly hoping so :slight_smile: