Blender Auto Saves

Blender ont make auto saves why i am useing ver 2.45 i ve made a village so low poly but when i locked screen and then i signed in again it crashed and not save why??
it was a 3 hour city huh! i want auto save in blenders future:( pls pls pls

There already is in User Preferences, Autosave, and set how many minutes for a new autofile(I used one) and set the output. and TADA!Autosave. (You need to get to tmp to acces your autosaved files. :slight_smile: Hope I helped.

Yeah u did thnx!
i was so angry that i left blender and now i am back

Ur welcome. It’s sort of weird. You don’t realize it till when you go to see your animation in tmp and you’ll see a file called: quit.blend, or 5563,6783 anything .blend. See, after wuit .blend it starts saving with numbers.

Noooo!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, no offense meant, if you work for 3h and don´t save once and rely on an autosave feature, it is your own fault at all if you loose work.

Beside if blender crashes (for me) mostly the “recover last session” menu entry works wonders…

IMHO, the only weird thing is people who haven’t “troubled” themselves to read the documentation still have the crust to complain, cry and get angry… and still not read the documentation!