Blender Avastar Rigger for Second Life

Hi there looking for an experienced rigger.
Priority given to those who have already worked for second life, but if you know how to rig and you are willing to learn that can work too.

Job consists of resizing and rigging apparel on 3 to 6 different body shapes with different weights.

I have regular work, i’m looking for competitive rates.
I am myself a rigger but with baby’s arrival i need backup.

For those who are not familiar you need to start by getting into the game and learning base functions

I am still working on old version of blender.

Requests :

  • Availability
  • Good communication skills :
    I usually let freelancer set delivery date, try to stick to it but if your late i just need know so i can organise my orders.
  • Patience :
    It’s a b**** of a job. The base kits are not perfect, It takes testing in game and adjusting to get it right.

Hello y have experience rigging, but don’t know anything about second life, i can learn though.

Here is my portfolio, if you think im good enough, PM me:

Hi, I am a SecondLife rigger, I have a lot of experience in both avatar and SecondLife rigging, as I have several years playing in it, I am 100% ready to rig any type of model and in fact you can see my work in my SecondLife store:

If it’s SecondLife, I’m sure I’m the one for the job. Email me at: [email protected]

If not, write to me privately through SecondLife, my username is: Gabokar

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