Blender Baby Steps- Feed back welcome!

Hello. Just getting started with blender. Thanks to all the people posting how-to’s.Here is my first attempt at a face using TorQ’s method outlined in “A Better Face”

Modelled loosely on Bruce Campbell, but I only had a front shot for reference, so it’s not meant to be exact. Just did this tonight. My question is, is this level of detail about what is used in most video games?

Thanks for looking! Feedback welcome. Looking forward to seeing more of y’alls work.

(sorry if this is a double post. Having browser troubles.)

Looks pretty good, only real crit is chin too long.
As for the videogames, it depends a lot on the indicidual game. Generally speaking, meshes are simple and textures add the details. An extreme example of this would be Max Payne.

baby steps, baby steps… that is awsome if your are new to this stuff. Nice model. The right and left eye shapes may need some baby step tweaking, but, I can’t wait till your finished.

When starting out with your model, you are more than likely going to want to mirror one side so that you can quickly model symmetrically. Later, after you have joined the mesh, you can tweak the individual sides to make the model more assymetrical if you desire so. This will vastly increase the speed for making the model. Do a search in Elysiun for “mirror modifier” or “symmetrical modelling” to see what I’m referring to.