blender background

i modeled a decent 3d model of the blender logo and made a pretty pic any coments.

ps. the pic looks a lot better in uncompressed tiff but it was 3mb sooooo…

Nice background!


if enough people want the uncompressed version i might post it on my web page later

also i made a “M tv” logo animation which is pretty good but i havent post it anywhere cos i dont know about the copy write laws is it illegal shall i change it to “W tv” or somit instead

I think there is a caveat for “fan art”. As long as you made it, you aren’t selling it, and you don’t use it to promote something other than MTV, you should be ok.

I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV

thanks blenderanim i might pst it later my blender work is on a different comp which is why i dont post that much

nice background, but since we see the transparent thing THAT close to the camera, do you think that you can fake refraction for at least that one logo?

I kinda like the fact that it doesn’t have any refraction… it’s kinda like some of these cookie-cutter graphic designs I’ve seen the advertising industry using lately… Very good job… in any case… Today I found a new wallpaper… :wink:


i don’t really think refraction would be appropriate. you’re not going for realism are you? then refraction would lessen the mood slightly.

has anybody else noticed that the beizer circle isnt quite a circle is this true with all programs u can see it in my pic

very cool! definitley made me phaze out for a while…its one of them cool spacey weird out pics u can just stare out ya know what i mean? great!

cool. i dont think there should be refraction