Blender Bake tab has disappeared... Am I being daft?!

Hey there, I wonder if you can solve a probably very daft issue I’m having. The “Bake” tab seems to have disappeared from my Blender Properties pane. I’ve deleted and re-installed (I’m using 2.65a) with no luck. What I do notice is that my older version 2.64a DOES have the Bake tab there.

What on earth am I missing ?!

I think you are in Cycles render mode (top header, to the right of the screen) .
Cycles does not support yet Baking and so do not have the tab, so go back to Blender Render mode and the Bake tab should be there.

Thank you so much. That explains everything.

Annoyingly, I’m using a combination of baking and cycles rendering, so this is a little bit of an awkward workflow