Blender Baking issues...

Hi everyone!

I have a weird issue with baking normal and AO maps. I have a LowPoly and a HighPoly Model of an Oviraptor.
The LowPoly is UV-unwrapped. I tried to bake a normal map within Blender, but I got some strange results:

As you can see, the raptors hands are showing (for example) on the Body UVs. I tried many different settings with the BIAS and the Distance. Also tried it with Cycles Baking --> same Results. I exported the two models and tried to bake with XNormal --> same Results… Am I missing anything important???
Greets and thanks for your help.

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Check your face normals are all consistent
Check for overlapping UVs
Supply an example blend file for others to review

Thanks for your answer!
The normals are correct, checked it first :smiley:
Also the UVs aren’T overlapping. The things you can see in the red circles (Hands and Feets) have their own UV Islands. maybe the distance is to big I don’t know.
But I solved it by recreating the HighPoly and only baking on one half of the LowPoly Mesh…
But htanks for your answer