Blender Basics Series

This is my first post at BlenderArtists, hello to all!

I’m working on a basics series for Blender. Here are links to the completed portions (posts):

Blender Basics Part 1
Blender Basics Part 2
Blender Basics Part 3
Blender Basics Part 3 Supplemental
Blender Basics Part 4

I wanted to post these here because this is apparently the hub for all Blender activity in the known universe. I hope to expand my own knowledge by spending some quality time with the material on this site.

Feedback, criticism, suggestions, all welcome and appreciated.

These videos rock! This is in my opinion the best introduction videos out there! Thanks Apollos! They are already listed, at least Blender underground is, in my Updated video tutorial list in my sig.

Thanks again!