Blender batch bulk modify many objects

I often do many many objects (384 pieces in my latest project)

I have unique textures on each one, and that´s a LOT of manual clicking.
My mouse will die, and my arms will probably wear out due to repetitive stress disorder :slight_smile:

I tried to mark the objects with shift+click but then I try to add modifier/cloth/whatever but the action only work on one object.

QUESTION:How to manipulate several objects with the same settings (bulk batch or what to call it)?

(I always use the latest versions in Cycles mode)

You can link them together by selecting all the object and pressing Ctrl+L in object mode. (the others follow the one that was active in the selection). Then you can select some options wich you want to link.

As a follow on to what GiteZz is saying, you’ll most definatly want to link materials and textures; maybe object data (that has to do with the actual vertices) and animation data, but that depends on just what your planning to do with your duplicated objects.

also, if you duplicate using ALT D instead of shift d blender will have the objects linked right from the start insted of you having to re link manually

Blenders GUI totally sucks.
It´s hard to understand why the implementation has not been to “click the objects you want to modify” and then click whatever settings and then it gets automatically updated/applied.

This is way to technical. Im a photographer.

Gonna look for some commercial package instead. Sorry :slight_smile:

I’m not really a coder but that sounds like it should be something you can do through python

To copy the physics you would first want to ensure the copy attributes add-on is enabled in user-preferences add-ons panel.
Next Select all the objects you want to apply it to.
Apply the modifier
Press CTRL+C
Select “Copy selected modifiers”
Select which modifier/s you wish to copy
Click OK