Blender Battles

This might be a stupid idea, but it could be good if done right. I’ve seen all these games that are like battle games but more of a role playing type. Like some of the card games, and board games, and such. Where a battle would take place based on characteristic and ratings. What if we had a contest, where you would model something like that. Maybe a mech, maybe a fighting beast, maybe a tank or plane or helicoptor. Then a small group of contest moderators would give each entry a rating in several ‘battle’ categories. Then we would take the entries, and have WAR!!!

Right now it sound pretty pointless, but maybe with some others feedback and ideas, it could turn into something pretty cool.

i say it’s interesting acasto… :smiley: well,let’s see what peeps think about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds Interesting…Better yet, take all winning entrys and put them all in the same blend together…Send the blend to all winners…Make the winners set up AI with either Python or Logic Bricks…Send in your bricks for your character and his animations and such and someone can add health to all characters…Have limits on speed, damage, and other variables for people to go by…Enter Realtime mode and watch them duke it out :slight_smile: Sounds possible, but also sounds difficult…

Maybe you could try it with some entries to the mechlife contest.

  1. pofo

Try this: Use the best ones and make a deck of cards! The best ones of the best are aces, and the worst of the best are 2s! (Hopefully we’ll have 52 entries)

Hey, maybe we could make a solitaire game… or an online game of “War.”

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