Blender beast - seeking critique

Posting here to get critique on the first model in Blender that I’ve ever developed this far (and intend to “complete” with an appropriate texture and material.) Been developing it since about mid 2009. It started out as a serpent, but eventually I learned to create limbs on a model, letting it develop over the course of some months into what it currently is.

The goal is to make a general animated short quality beast, designed to appear (and also be) capable of wrestling prey much larger than itself to the ground, in a fashion similar to the large cats (using claws as well as teeth.), but with the visuals of something that resembles a dragon and a dinosaur thrown together - possessing scales and a forked tongue, rather than fur and whiskers.

The critique I seek is mostly about how its anatomy and its proportions, and how they may (or may not) fit appropriately with the predatory theme of the creature , and what artistic and practical improvements can be made to the design of the model itself.

Posted some pictures of it to give you an idea of what it looks like if you can’t open up the .blend attachment

Problems & flaws which I’m already aware of

Tail is stretched thin, crudely connects at the tip.

A large amount of the head connects at a single verticle.

Verticles on some sections of the creature do not connect in a sensible fashion.

The hind limbs are overall lacking in detail compared to the forelimbs. (Second image group.)

Verticle count jumps dramatically from feet & face to the rest of the body.

Verticles are stretched too thin in several places.

Tail is overall thinner than it could be (or should be, for its length.)


Blender Beast.blend (200 KB)

ok it must be a Hunter I think. an attribute of hunters is that to the eyes. your model has the eyes from side to side and resembles a herbivore. your model is slim built and looking like a follower. a follower has more muscle to the hind legs. fighters have the same muscles in front of and behind and are shorter built. all I can say about your model
I have this translated from dutch so there will be many mistakes in

The eyes are on the side of its head to more closely resemble reptiles, although everything else you say is right, now that I look closer. Fumbling around with a second version of it to give it a better developed set of muscles.

The head is pretty squared out. A rectangle head. Maybe make it more curvy.

Slowly but surely making it more curvy as I go now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Stockier built blender beast. Face is still a rectangle with eye sockets, but I’ll tend to that soon (TM.) It did see some revision. Does it still seem on the thin end of the scale? (Or, perhaps, does it look too big now?)

Also attached a .blend file of the revised blender beast.

Edit: Replaced the attachment.


Blender Beast Revisions.blend (199 KB)

Strange … when I look at this model to me is nothing particularly wrong in the eyes does not rush … only something in the proportions of the body
and the point of transition to the course …

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