Blender beginner shortcut guide

Blender basic shortcut guide for beginners.

Pareto’s principle (aka 80/20 rule) state that roughly 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the cause.

Here are some basic shortcuts that I find myself using almost everytime I use blender.

Are there some more that you would like to add?

These are wrong (correction, notes):

Switch to object/edit mode: tab (switch between active mode and edit mode)
Select multiple objects: ctrl+right click (shift + right click)

Select ring: ctrl+alt+right click (select edge ring, in edge select mode. Selects a face loop in other select modes)
Recalculate normals: ctrl+shift+N (ctrl+N for outside (usually), ctrl+shift+N for inside (sometimes))
Select connected: L (under mouse cursor. ctrl+L to those already selected)

Add bone: E (shift+A, E extrudes)

Render portion (Render border)

Delete keyframe: ctrl+i (alt+i)

Thank you. I have rectified it to my fullest extent.