Blender brawler anyone?

Hi all,
iv been playing PlayStation all-stars battle royal with my flat mate a lot recently and thought a blender version with characters from all the blender IPs would be awesome.

Anyone up for teaming up and making this ?

Im an artist and though i cam make some game stuff work in blender i dont think i could code a good battle system and modular character selection and stuff.

Worst mock up ever :stuck_out_tongue:

What you guys think?

This is a great idea! someone wanted to do a blender kart racer not too long ago, and it just made me think that a brawler game would be cooler

The blender kart would be fun, but how about blender arena/quake 3 arena.

I would suggest if this game gets started, that it should be similar in gameplay to Super Smash Bros by Nintendo. It would require lots of game logic, but it would be fun. Also for playable characters, I would suggest bringing in characters from any successful blender games into the game. Of course you would have to ask the creators of the games for copyright. I hope this project gets going.

Ye would be good if it kicked off to get other blender IPs in there , like duck duck, crum, venoms lab, eat sheep and stuff.
Iv made a start on this and will hopefuly have something to show soon , stared working with someone. :smiley:

And ye i hope it plays lie smash bros/ playstation allstars.

Hi again all, I know this project has pritty much died before it started. I had a lot of uni work with my blender game “The Art Collector” but it payed off as i got a first calss honours for it :D.
I took some models from past blender projects and made them game ready with a few placeholder animations (Prooge and big buck bunny)
But now i wana start making stuff in my spare time and colabarating with the blender comunity members and i feel this would be a good game to start with.

I would like to make this in BGE to tie everything together but am also interested in getting it working on OUYA as it couled reach more people that way i think and could do 4 player with controllers on a couch mutch easyer.
So could look into using blender game kit to port to android or use something like unity 3d to get it up and running on the console.

(Im an artist so realy looking for coders but other artists are welcome to join and if anyone has experience ith balencing fighting games there welcome too.)
So is anyone up for giving this a go.

That’s some nice idea,what you could do is to ask people who want their character(which they made in blender) to post it with animation,model and texture included so that it can be easily used in the game.
If the project goes well I might upload my Dreamy Land character with a ready rig and animations.

One question is this project something which is possible to happen?,if yes I might help you with making the characters,3d models textures and maybe help you with some of the animation(even if i’m not that good with animation).

This isn’t the first time someone’s tried this actually. I hope you all finish what they started.

Are you still thinking of making this game? If yes I recently started and finished working on a basic side scrolling character movement which works fine :).
So if you are still thinking of working on the project tell me so that I will be uploading the files.

Sounds fun! Guess if you need any extra coders, give me a ring…