Blender broken in perspective view

Hi, I am trying to model something in blender on MBP16. It’s a minor issue but when I am modelling something I can see the mesh alright from front top and side view but as soon as I move to perspective view using mouse, the mesh behaves broken attaching image for reference. Yet when I press ‘5’ and move to isometric view for the same angle it works just fine, the problem occurs only with perspective view. Did I change a setting by mistake … what is this!?
Using blender 2.9 on MBP.

Can someone tell me why is this happening? It’s not just this file its happening with every blender model I create.

Thank you for your time.

In perspective view, press N to bring up the right side panel, and then click on the View tab. Near the top, you should see Clip Start - what is the value? Try lowering it to 1 or something, and see if the problem goes away.

@Magnavis Yep that does it. I had changed it in my last project forgot to change it back. :slight_smile: Thank you soo much!

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